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Clem 7 Tunnel

Craig Harwood - Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Xycrete has been heavily involved in waterproofing the Clem 7 Tunnel. Xycrete was the only company with a full compliment of staff that had been trained overseas in the injection systems (equipment and chemicals) used to waterproof the joints in the Clem 7 Tunnel and smoke stacks.
Once out of the main Clem 7  Tunnel and into the smoke or exhaust stacks there is no permanent lighting or power, so work was undertaken with miners lamps and limited portable lighting. We supplied generators and portable compressors suitable for confined spaces and our staff worked 60 metres below the Brisbane river 12 hour shifts days and nights to complete what is a difficult job in an extreme location. 
Injection jobs can be difficult as we often don’t know the history of what is behind the wall or has been used as a base for a podium garden making waterproofing even more challenging. Because of this and the range of specialist equipments and chemicals available it is important to use only qualified professional water proofers to undertake these jobs.
We are extremly proud of the team at Xycrete and the additional hours and effort they put into finishing the tunnel work.
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