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Should You Consider Admix?

Craig Harwood - Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Xycrete utilities a wide range of waterproofing materials and techniques. We can assist builders and architects determine the most suitable products for any application. 

One option is utlising admixture. Admixtures can have a number of benefits over membranes in many applications.  

In this post we will look at cost as this obviously is one of the major factors in the design and specification process and also one were there are some misconceptions.

I often hear some people mistakenly say that using Admixtures is more expensive that waterproofing concrete with a membrane system.

This simple error happens because the two systems are quoted in a different way. The Admixtures are quoted in a cubic metre price whilst the membrane is quoted in a square metre price. Eg using round figures as an example you may be quoted an installed price of $35.00 Sq Metre for Membrane however using admix could be $70.00 / cubic Metre.

So say for a 1000 sq Metre slab of 350 mm thick the costs will look like this.

Membrane 1000sq Mt x $35.00 therefore cost = $35,000.00
Admix (1000sq Mt x.35mm thick) 350 Cubic Metres x $70.00 = $24,500.00

In actual fact the Admix is less than half the cost and you have a saving of $10,500.00

Some additional allowance needs to be made for sealing any penetrations for fittings etc. however this is generally minimal, so the cost of the admix is usually significantly less. The additional benefit when using the Krystol product is the self-healing capability of the crystaline admixture.

So when pricing up your jobs, by utilising admixtures in the pour, some significant savings can be achieved, along with the added benefits that admixtures can provide. 

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