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MC Injection system 2300NV/2033 is an extremely effective remedial waterproofing system for blockwork and concrete surfaces. The high foaming properties of the MC 2033 stops the flow of water quickly by filling the void. Once the flow of water has been stopped then MC 2300NV is then injected into the substrate to waterproof the void.See the video below for an example of how Injections systems can be used.


Concrete admixtures are a dry powder compound for waterproofing, protection and longevity of concrete. When added to the concrete mix at the time of batching the unique crystalline growth properties become an integral part of the substrate. The waterproofing is completed when the concrete is placed and cured providing a time and cost effective concrete waterproofing system. We are approved installers of the Krystol admix systems. For full information on Waterproofing admix see

Bentonite membrane linings are a unique product that ensures long-term protection in a range of highly demanding ground conditions whilst affording simple and highly cost effective installation. They are used as an under concrete slab waterproofing system or are secured to vertical masonary or concrete surfaces prior to backfilling and onto sheet piling prior to sprayed concrete walls being installed.

Bentonite waterstops are used in construction joints and cold joints, reducing installation time and has the ability to swell on contact with water and fill any voids in the construction joints, eliminating the passage of water.

Polyurathane membranes have high tensile strength and tough curing properties for applications on horizontal and vertical surfaces. Applications include shower bases, wet area floors, masonary and concrete surfaces. All polyurathane membranes used meet CSIRO Class III membranes and satisfy AS/NZS4858.
Cementitious membranes are a two component flexible waterproofing coating used on masonary and concrete surfaces. Areas of application include pools, ponds, balconies, planter boxes, ponds and retaining walls including underground basement carparks.

Remedial mortars with their unique crystalline growth properties provide effective concrete repair and protection where waterproofing is a requirement. They are used to seal cracks and construction joints to stop water flow and water ingress, provide moisture and protective barriers and restore concrete surfaces. Can be used on negative and positive surfaces of substrates.

Highbuild mortars provide a coating system for the waterproofing, patching  and resurfacing of vertical and horizontal blockwork and concrete surfaces. Highbuild mortars have been specially formulated to produce superior bond, low skrinkage, chemical durability and high strength.

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